I'm your pump up person; your timeline creator; your all things vintage lover; your multicolor adorer; your wedding idea inspirer; your fire playlist maker; your number one dance floor partier; and your favourite new photographer.

This is the face of your new found friend and photographer.

Hi! I'm Kayley

About Me

I appreciate the things in life that stand out... I'm not a huge minimalist... so when it comes to your photos, I want to create something UNIQUE & AUTHENTIC to you! I want your photos to stand out from my last couple's photos and from all the other photos out there! And this has more to do with me slowing down, getting to hear and understand your story and personalities and focusing how I shoot and process your photos so that it can convey that back to you.
The first thing you should know is my work is heavily film-inspired and film is often incorporated. I love the look, story & feeling that film evokes and lean towards that a lot! When we shoot I will primarily aim for candid images that capture the feeling but sometimes (depending on your personalities) we can produce cool shots like this or other fun editorial looks by playing around with some cool ideas. I love playing with new techniques and tools that allow me to give you a new twist or just something different.

At the end of the day, I'm here to make art for you. I'm so grateful for the trust that you offer me to make something magical for you!

My Photography Style

Photography, for me, started as a fun little hobby growing up (like every other classic story), and then one day I decided take it full time and now I'm here having learned more than I knew I could with lots to go and loving it even more every day. I've found my style, or my groove you could say, and I'm so happy to find more awesome folks that love the nostalgic feeling of vintage art.

On a winter's day (cause let's be real, summer is wedding season) you can find me rocking a turtle neck, sipping a London Fog, and chowing down on a Cinnamon Twist from my favourite coffee shop. And if I'm not there I'm probably out snowboarding or snowshoeing with my family and friends in the Rockies! 
I'm very passionate about slow fashion and trying to support small businesses (probably cause I am one lol) but if you'd ever like any recommendations I'm happy to share! Especially in the wedding world!

And finally, I may not be the best dancer in any crowd but I will be the most willing to break it down kinda dancer in a crowd! If this sounds to you like we could be friends, then let's go grab a cocktail or a treat and get talking about you!

(*insert Hey Ya! by Outkast*)
Here's the spark notes low down on me

I'm married to Alex (aka. the world's best human) and together we have a perfect golden boy named Doug!

Ohhh you actually wanna know more about me? 

Alright, alright, alright

I was born and raised in a small town in Southern Alberta, Canada. After high school, I studied & lived abroad for 3 years with a missions organization called YWAM. It was such a sweet time of meeting people from all over and learning so much about different corners of the world. I got to spend time living on 5 of the continents which was such a blessing! In the middle of that time, I (re)met my now husband while I was home for a slice of time. We actually originally met at summer camp years before but didn't know each other super well. We started dating a few months later and continued dating for 2.5 years before we got married smack dab in the middle of Covid (haha go pandemic weddings). What was supposed to be a 200 person wedding turned into a 36 person wedding lakeside in the mountains and in hindsight it was the best day ever. We popped champagne in our faces, canoed in our wedding attire, and danced in a park barefoot with a bluetooth speaker under the moon. So you could say it all worked out!

We still live in Southern Alberta now. We've rotated from the prairies to the city in between seasons but just bought our second house to now really plant roots in. Taking up all our attention is our golden retriever, Doug! He is the sweetest, quirkiest golden retriever and we are pretty obsessed with him. He was our bargain bin puppy because he was born with a kinked/stubby tail, which we think makes him that much cuter!

I started Kayley D Photography officially in January of 2020 (right after I got back from my last big international travels). It was kinda a funky year to kick things off with considering a worldwide pandemic struck, but I made the most of it, building my portfolio, refining my style, second shooting for other photographers, and a few elopements of my own! I invested in courses & gear and by July 2020 I was starting to book all my own weddings for 2021! And what a freaking blast it has been! Now I'm heading into my third FULL season and I'm so grateful for the couples and people I've been able to spend time with. I've grown so much and feel more inspired now then I did when I started and I cannot wait to keep growing the KDP brand!

That wasn't enough for you?

Let's get real then..